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Spiritual Energy Healings

Gifts of Sacred Energy Healing

Sacred energy healing can help people in multiple ways. Benefits of this powerful energy include healing and relief of disease and symptoms exhibited in the body, and mind that are connected to the spirit. These healings allow you to have a better quality of life.

Goals You Can Achieve

Include but are not limited to reduction of various disease symptoms including pain and swellings; reduction & or elimination of smoking addictions & reduction of stress and anxiety

Reduction of Stiffness in Joints & increased Flexibility

Faster Recuperation after Back or Knee Surgery

Reduction of Stress & Anxiety

Receive a Sense of Deep Peace combined with a Sense of being Cared for & Loved (from Spirit)

Release of Physical & Emotional Blocks

This results in Faster Healing & a Greater Feeling of Lightness

Sleep Better

Better Sleep Increases the Ability to Heal

Improved Breathing

Assists people with Respiratory Problems & Pulmonary Diseases to Ease their Respirations

And So much More

Energy Healing with Judy

Sacred Energy Healing

These healings can help people in many ways. The healing received depends upon the individual and where they are on their path in life. The intention and willingness to receive this divine energy allows for a healing to occur. The individual will receive what they are ready to receive, as they connect to their specific highest energy source.

Pet Healing

Many clients have described feeling a great sense of love, peace, and relaxation. In addition they have described feeling a soothing warm sensation, and or they have fallen asleep as the energy flowed throughout their bodies. Still others have experienced a gentle vibrating energy. On occasion the client may experience visions and or messages. Although the experience may vary to some degree, the outcome has always been positive. If you are sensing that it is time for you to receive healing and you are drawn to me, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will serve you and spirit to the best of my ability. 

Pet healing sessions are similar to individual healing sessions as they need to be in a quiet place without distractions. They should be accompanied by their owner or another calm person. The pet should be walked prior to session to avoid the need to relieve itself during the session. Your pet should also be in a comfortable position, such as a pet bed, owner’s lap, or whatever works and the environmental temperature should be comfortable.

Judy will connect by Zoom or FaceTime . There will be a brief introduction and then she will connect with your pet and their higher energy. Again relaxing music is usually played during the session.

The session will last approximately 25-30 minutes depending on your pets ability to tolerate the session. After the session ends we will briefly checkin . Your pet should be given plenty of water and encouraged to rest for a few hours if possible.

Spiritual Energy Healing vs Traditional Healing

This type of Sacred Energy Healing is an additional path for healing. It is not meant to replace traditional medicine or surgery but to enhance the healing. Judy was a Nurse for over 30 years and knows the importance of traditional healthcare. She also knows that there are many alternative ways to heal where traditional medicine cannot go, and Spiritual Energy Healing is one of them.

If Something Isn’t Working Maybe Its Time to Try Something New

I believe that my background in healthcare is an asset in assessing and communicating with clients. However, the Spiritual Energy that comes through me and connects to you, is the main factor that effects your healing.

Judy is an Intuitive Spiritual Energy Healer.

She is here for you to serve as a bridge for your healing. Judy has dedicated her life for over 30 years to helping people heal and now she is continuing on an alternative path. She is dedicated to helping anyone who seeks her out to assist them on their life’s path and journey to whole health which includes body, mind, & spirit.

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